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Microsoft Cloud Manager

We provide Microsoft’s cloud services to charities, allowing you to access donated licences, discounts and cloud subscriptions – all in one place.

As an official Microsoft Cloud-Services Provider, we can help you navigate through Microsoft’s various ‘Nonprofit’ plans, freeing up your charity to focus on what’s really important – your cause.

Office 365 for Nonprofits and Tech Trust

Why choose Microsoft’s cloud?

Cloud-based tools can support charities, with advantages in security, organisational control of data, ease of use and increased

Thankfully, moving to a cloud-based solution doesn’t have to mean retraining your staff or volunteers. Office 365 and Microsoft 365 allow you to use the same applications that you’re used to, with access to files anywhere online.

Tech Trust: a good friend

A good friend in a digital world

Our charity has been supporting the UK charity sector with digital since 2001 and have always focused on helping good causes first.

We have been helping UK charities to save more than £220m on software by working with companies for charities.

Through Microsoft Cloud Manager, you can rest assured that we will be have your best interests in mind.

Hassle-free licensing for charities

We’ve made it easy for charities to get started in the Microsoft cloud: now you can get access and manage Microsoft cloud services such as Office 365 all in one place.

If you are already registered on the tt-exchange network, your charity can start benefiting from the features of Office 365 straight away.

Tech-Trust: hassle-free licensing

A simple solution to remove the confusion

Microsoft offer dozens of lines of discounted and donated on-premises and cloud-based licences to charities, each with different features and price advantages depending on your situation.

Most of the time, it can save your charity money and give you extra benefits to mix and match, but this can quickly become complicated.

We have been a Microsoft partner for more than 10 years, helping over 23,000 charities access Microsoft software donations and can help you secure the right package.

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Let us help your cause

If you’d like to make the move to the Microsoft cloud, let us help!

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