Tech Trust – A brief history of our 16 years supporting charities

Tech Trust was established 16 years ago to explore ways charities could embrace technology and the internet for social good.

We believe that by being the best, most trusted source for UK charities to gain insight into, education on and access to digital solutions, we can really accelerate charitable impact in the years to come.

The top 5 charity newsletters and what they’re getting right

Inspiration can run dry from time to time, we know that. When this happens, it can be very handy to explore other newsletters.

It can provide great insight into what does and doesn’t work for other organisations and what might work for you.

Top CRM tips and which software product is best for the job

With all the information out there about CRM’s, it’s nice to get a concise overview of tips and software options…

So that’s what we’ve done; we hope it helps!

An email automation guide for small charities

Email automation can seem a little daunting. In actual fact, it can be an easy way to save time and effort.

This quick guide is a designed to get you started and thinking about the best ways to make the most of automation.

Why and how your organisation should be AB testing emails

No one can argue that charities have to do more with less. This makes finding cost and time efficient marketing techniques all the more important.

AB testing is a great way for your charity to tailor their emails without having to invest tons of time and money you may not have, so why not take a look at how and when it’s done.

How to create a top e-newsletter

Newsletters are a useful way to keep your subscribers up to date.

There are some key things you can do each step of the way to ensure your content gets read, and most importantly, that people get engaged by it!