The most popular IT products amongst UK charities

Adobe Acrobat:


  • Convert or scan to PDF: Create PDFs from any application that prints, such as Microsoft Office software, Firefox and Lotus Notes. PDFs can also be created from scanned documents and forms.
  • Combine files from multiple applications: Combine a range of file types into a single PDF or place them into one portfolio. These can include multimedia content such as FLV or H.264 video and web pages.
  • Protect PDF files and documents: Apply document controls and security with password protection; permissions for printing, copying, and changing; and digital signatures. Additionally, you can use redaction tools to permanently delete sensitive content.
  • Collect data with fillable PDF forms: Create fillable forms from paper, PDFs, Word documents or Excel spreadsheets. These can be collected into searchable, sortable PDFs, and their data can be exported.
  • Perform collaborative document reviews: Conduct collaborative document reviews so that reviewers can see each other’s comments. Users of the free Adobe Reader can also add comments.

How it helps charities:

Adobe Acrobat is a bit of a non-mover in terms of tt-exchange popularity. This is because it proves a very useful tool for a lot of the administrative and reporting work that charities are required to do.

With Adobe Acrobat you can scan and convert documents into PDF form very easily. This is useful for if you need to store electronic copies of physical documents, or send them out electronically to multiple people.

Example: if you have beneficiaries who fill out and sign physical forms, and you want to store these safely in one electronic location. PDFs are a secure format for storing this potentially highly sensitive data.

You can also create forms to be filled out electronically. This means charities can reach out to either donors, beneficiaries or trustees. The forms can be sent in a format that generally cooperates with any device. Once completed these can be searched, sorted, or have their data put in a spreadsheet.

Example: If you are sending out email campaigns with the intention of gathering information from donors, it’s useful to have a file type that will work effectively regardless of the device being used.

What the charities say:

“Adobe Acrobat Pro allows us to edit PDF’s prepared by our graphic designers and make small changes. This in turn saves us a lot of design cost and allows us to re-use publicity material that has been professionally designed. As a charity, cost saving is paramount to ensure that as much of the money raised can be spent on patient care, which is our primary purpose” – St Clare Hospice


GoDaddy bundle:


  • Domain name:Register a domain name through GoDaddy. You can use that domain name in URLs to identify pages on your site. You can choose any available domain name ending with .org, .com, or other generic domains.
  • Website Builder:GoDaddy’s Website Builder provides an easy-to-use web design application and hosting service. You can therefore create customised websites with numerous pages, without prior technical knowledge or experience. There’s a variety of website templates that allow you to edit the text, colours, images and to integrate your social media sites.
  • Search engine optimisation:GoDaddy’s SEO service publishes an organisation’s information to a variety of search engines and other sites to increase visibility and attract visitors.

How it helps charities:

Nowadays, a website is a crucial component to getting the word out about your charity, and your cause. It can seem quite daunting, particularly if you are a smaller charity with fewer staff to allocate the role of website design and management.

Fortunately  GoDaddy offers a bundle which provides near-enough all you need to get started. You can select a fitting domain name so that users can find you easily, a website builder with a user-friendly interface and SEO support so that you become a popular result on search engines. With this you can get the ball rolling and start driving traffic to your site.

You can customise your site down to every last detail, with your chosen colour scheme, fonts and images to keep your branding consistent.

Down the line you can then acquire additional software from tt-exchange, such as Shopify, to start gaining funds from your website.

What the charities say:

“I didn’t realise that starting up a website was so easy. For minimal cost we’ve been able to re-write our website quickly and keep people in touch. It’s improved our profile and helped us recruit more of the staff we need”  – AcceptCare


AutoDesk Architecture, Engineering and Construction Collection:


  • Infrastructure planning: You can access geographic information system (GIS) data and perform spatial analyses.
  • Preliminary design: There are tools for streamlining agency approval and developing functional plans.
  • Project collaboration: The collection’s tools can link industry foundation class files into Revit (software for building information modelling). You can then aggregate multiple design models into a single file.
  • Simulation: You can design buildings for energy efficiency and can run energy and structural analyses on these designs.
  • Visualization: You can apply unique styles to designs and can build and display them in 3D.

How it helps charities:

This branch of Autodesk software provides a useful tool for any organisation looking to alter, expand or renovate the space they are working in, particularly if that space is part of the service on offer.

Charities centred on community support, child development or education may use hall spaces, expansive grounds or even have lodging that needs a geographic information system or design tool. These can often be very costly and are ruled out by charities.

tt-exchange makes Autodesk an affordable tool to support charities in designing or analysing their current building space.

What the charities say:

“We are currently engaged in demolishing and rebuilding our Scout and Community Hall in Dalry.  Our detailed planning and design has been made possible by the kind support of the donated software – we have used the Autodesk Revit software, backed up by AutoCAD.  Our project would have been so much more difficult without this support.”  – 55th Ayrshire Scout Group


Symantec Endpoint Protection – Small Business Edition:


  • 24/7 threat protection: several defence technologies are combined to effectively prevent any harm to your device. Patterns and behaviours are tracked across the network to identify sites that suggest risk.
  • Desktop firewall: The firewall prevents unauthorised users from accessing the computers and the networks that connect to the Internet.
  • Intrusion prevention: This IPS acts as a second layer of defence for your network after the firewall.
  • Centralised management:The central web portal means you can view the status of any registered devices via a web browser. If there is any, security issues can be fixed remotely.

How it helps charities:

Powerful security software is crucial to charitable organisations as more often than not, they’re storing important and sensitive data from either donors or beneficiaries.

Additionally, many organisations conduct a ‘bring your own device’ policy which can cause slightly more risk in regard to accessing unsafe sites or connecting to unknown networks. With the combination of defence technologies on offer, the software is able to minimise any risk of threats. If anything does happen to threaten the data in question, the centralised management system keeps the situation manageable.

If devices are lost or stolen while an employee or volunteer is working remotely, the data doesn’t have to be compromised. The device data can be protected or wiped remotely so that nobody is able to access any information, even with the correct password. The tt-exchange pricing means you additionally don’t have to break the bank to have this sort of cover.

What the charities say:

“We hold individual records of young vulnerable people and many case notes which require secure storage. With the money saved we have been able to allocate more funds towards the direct services we offer.” YMCA Coventry & Warwickshire




  • Post an events quickly – We make it simpler to promote, sell and manage galas, fundraisers, workshops and charity events of all kinds.
  • Make your message specific to you– Reflect your cause’s brand with a personalised event page. Use your own logo, colours and messaging.
  • Reach out to more people– Reach more donors with a variety of promotional tools and help your attendees promote your cause on social media.
  • Manage payments – Easily collect money for tickets and donations via debit and credit card, PayPal, cash or cheque.
  • Use GiftAid alongside it – Use custom questions to collect attendee data that enables you to easily claim GiftAid on ticket sales and donations.
  • Collect attendee data – Ask your attendees as many questions as you need, so you can continue to engage your supporters after the event.

How it helps charities:

Eventbrite is a great cost-effective tool for charities who run or are looking to run a number of events. It’s free to publicise your event, and charges only start once you begin charging for events yourself. Once charges do occur, tt-exchange are on hand to offer £200 credit to new users.

This means fundraisers can be listed as free events, where money raising activities can happen at the event itself.

Additionally, you may want to use Evenbrite to publicise networking events for like-minded individuals. This is a great way to get people together and discuss fundraising ideas, collaborative initiatives or even to recruit new staff.

Its user-friendly interface makes it straight forward to publicise the time, date, place and purpose of the event, with the option to link to your website and social media channels.

What the charities say:

“It has been a brilliant tool for us to market and send out invites for our events.   It is very easy to use.  The back office tools are very good and easy to use. I would highly recommend Eventbrite” – INASP


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