U3A: signing up for tt-exchange


(Updated 18 Sep 2017)


U3A and Tech Trust


So you’ve heard about tt-exchange and want a bit more info before registering… No problem!

What is tt-exchange?

tt-exchange is the UK’s only IT donation programme. It’s jointly run by us (Tech Trust) in the UK with US-based NGO called TechSoup.


How does it work?


  • 2. Those companies set eligibility criteria that they want met before a charity can access their products. Criteria can be as broad as “I want all UK charities to access it” or as narrow as “I don’t want faith-based charities or housing associations or advocacy orgs to access it” – it really depends on the company.Good news: U3As can access donations from almost all of our partners.


  • 3. So we can check what each charity is entitled to, we need to know a few details. Therefore, charities have to register with us before they can access the available donations on the programme.


  • 4. To keep the programme going, we charge as small an admin fee as possible to charities each time they access IT donation. That way, it costs the tech companies nothing, which encourages them to give even more. It also means that charities can still save up to 97% on the cost of essential IT.


How do I register?

The overall registration process is always the same:


1. Check if your charity is already signed up by entering your charity number here.

2. Create a user account here.

3. Log into your newly formed account, click on ‘my account‘ and then click on ‘register your organisation’.

4. Fill in the details requested.

5. That’s usually it. We’ll process your registration within 5 days and if we need more details, we’ll email. Or if we have everything we need, we’ll also let you know by email.


What details do I need?

For the vast majority of U3As, we can get all the info we need from your governing body – be that the Charity Commission, OSCR or the Charity Commission of Northern Ireland. In those cases, it’s really quick and simple to sign up.

For tiny charities or ones based in the Channel Islands, we’d still need to be able to prove to our partners that you are a charity, so we’d normally need proof of your HMRC charitable status.


Want to know more?

Even before you’ve registered, you can browse through the catalogue to see what products are currently available.

When we get new partners on board that you’re eligible for, we’ll email you to let you know (if you opt in).

If you do get stuck, you can always email our support team, who will get back to you ASAP.

Aside from that, you’re free to dip into the programme as you see fit and start saving!


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