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Getting Adobe Creative Cloud discounts

Creative Cloud logoLet’s start off with the important bit!…

Adobe is offering discounts on two Creative Cloud membership plans for UK-registered charities through our tt-exchange programme.

Charities that are registered with us can save 60% on the Complete plan for a year and then get 40% off every year after. You can also get save 20% on the lighter Photography plan for a year if that suits your charity better.

We’ve put loads more info on the options on our Creative Cloud FAQs page.

Do you have to be online all the time?

It’s a fair question; thankfully the answer is ‘no‘ though.

You only need online access when you install and license your software, and then once every 30 days.

The software runs from your hard drive, not via a web browser, which means it functions just like any other software you might have saved locally on your device. That’s great if you need to work remotely and don’t have internet access.

The “Cloud” in “Creative Cloud”

There are a few benefits of the Creative Cloud offering vs the traditional Creative Suite.

One is that it’s much easier to share your work with staff, volunteers and constituents thanks to the ability to store files online.

  • Creative Cloud Complete plan membership comes with 20GB of online storage space, while the Photography plan includes 2GB.
  • If you save your files in your Creative Cloud folder, those files are accessible offline and online.
  • Colleagues can then view your design files even if they aren’t Creative Cloud members themselves. They don’t need to create an account or register for anything either.

If you work on the move a lot using a mobile device like a tablet or a smartphone, then the Creative Cloud really comes into its own. If you’ve stored your files online, you can then sync them to your device and then access those files via Adobe’s mobile apps, such as Photoshop Mix and Illustrator Draw.

Plus, a small added bonus is that if you decide to leave Creative Cloud for any reason, you get to keep 2 GB of free storage space to store and access your files.

Adobe tutorials

New features and training

Creative Cloud programs function similarly to previous versions of the Creative Suite, but with a few minor tweaks and additions.

Most of those updates are intuitive, but I’d really, strongly recommend checking out some of the guides that Adobe have on the Creative Cloud anyway, which are brilliant and easy to navigate through. They’ll help you fill in any knowledge gaps you have along the way.

You also get access to the Creative Cloud community, Behance. As well as giving a space to share progress on your projects with your team, it also lets you follow other designers to help if you’re looking for inspiration.

What’s included in the Creative Cloud Complete plan

Lots and lots. Seriously loads.

You can see a full list of the products you’d have access to on the Creative Cloud website. It amounts to pretty much all the software you’d ever need for design and editing visual media for your charity.

You don’t need to install every single Creative Cloud product, but instead you can pick and choose whichever ones your charity needs. It’s really easy to download additional programmes as and when you need them through the Creative Cloud desktop app.

Along with the main apps, you also get access to these online services:

  • Adobe Typekit – helps you find fonts to make your newsletters, websites and other collateral pop
  • Adobe Color – lets you make colour themes with an iPhone or on a web browser
  • Digital Publishing Suite – lets you create iPad apps without needing to know code
  • Adobe Story CC Plus – is a collaborative screenwriting, reporting and scheduling tool
  • Behance ProSite – lets you easily showcase work to board members or partners

There’s more information on this offering for charities on the tt-exchange site.

The Creative Cloud Photography plan

The Creative Cloud Photography plan is a much lighter package than the Complete plan and is really useful for improving photos and creating images but not much else. The two desktop apps it contains are:

  • Adobe Photoshop CC
  • Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC

The Photography plan also includes 2 GB of cloud storage space.



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