Which payment gateway to choose for your small charity

There are tons of payment gateways available with different capabilities and price plans on offer.

It can be pretty overwhelming for a small charity looking to get started with online donations. We’ve produced a concise overview in the hope of making it a bit clearer.

Online security measures for charities to keep data safe

Small charities often assume their safe from online threats but this isn’t always the reality.

Staying safe online is essential. This is especially relevant when working with sensitive data, which we know many charities are.

Symantec confront Google claims, assuring users all is well with their security certificates

The two have been battling it out over the diligence in security certificate validation.

Here we’ve summed up what’s going on, why it matters and how it’s all getting sorted.

LinkedIn for charities – insight from a Tech4Good Day

Microsoft have produced another post talking through some key points raised in their Tech4good day. This one focuses on social media, specifically LinkedIn.

Why trust in charities is falling and how to combat it

In our last article we looked briefly at the elements that make up trust in charities.

In this article we have take a look at the problems that charities face regarding these and how best to address them.

6 tips for improving your charity’s digital storytelling

Producing fresh content on a regular basis can be tricky.

We’ve put together some simple tips to work as a good checklist that ensures your content is always up to scratch.