How should I raise funds? Advice for choosing the best fundraising platforms

With regards to fundraising platforms, choice is always good, but deciding your options seems to be getting harder. There are over 600 platforms for acquiring donations these days, and for charities that are just getting into digital giving, this can understandably be a bit overwhelming.

To help, I’ll just run through some of the options that I think are the best for charities to use.

5 ways to make the most of online giving

The performance of charity websites is pivotal to the success of mass appeal fundraising campaigns, so what should charities be thinking about in order to maximise online fundraising?

This article contains five lessons we have learnt from working with charities on their IT services, from John Simcock, Director of Charity and Third Sector at Eduserv.

4 reasons not to use QR codes for fundraising

Do you remember when QR codes were going to be a thing? There are still trickles of people who cling on to the idea that QR codes and readers make a lot of sense, and who still include them in their campaigns here and there.

In case you’re thinking of setting up a QR code in your fundraising campaign – stop! Here are 4 reasons why you shouldn’t.

How small charities can digitally fundraise successfully

To fundraise successfully, you need to work out what your audience want and match what you provide to them. Simple? Well, not really. The golden rule is to test everything.

That’s true for large organisations as well as small ones. Below, we’ve listed our top 4 tips specifically for smaller organisations to fundraise more effectively. I hope they help!

5 easy-to-action ways to improve your charity website

Time for charity comms professionals is almost always tight, but by focusing on areas of maximum impact and keeping on top of the complexity of your website, you can make life that little bit easier.

This article contains 5 easy ways you can improve your charity’s website.

Digital uptake in the charity sector

Thanks to the efforts of several government, private and non-profit organisations, more people than ever have basic digital skills in the UK. Unfortunately, a number of reports have shown that charities are missing out on this progress.

To give an overview of the state of digital uptake in the UK charity sector, we’ve put together a simple infographic.