What would you like to know about IT?

We’ve been scratching our heads trying to think about how we can better help charities and nonprofits get to grips with the digital world.

And, after a string of heated debates in darkened rooms, late-night meetings and early-morning discussions, we’ve come up with a plan of action for the content we produce in the coming 12 months.

If there’s anything that you’d be particularly interested in learning about, let us know and we’ll try to make sure we cover it!

7 ways to build a strong social media following for your event

So you’ve booked the venue, planned your event’s content and set up your Eventbrite event page for registration and ticket sales. Nice one! Now you just need to let people know that your excellent event is taking place. Where to start?

Free of charge and used by billions of people every day, social media is an obvious starting point for event marketing. But if you’re setting up brand new profiles and don’t have an existing audience, or you want to increase your audience size, how do you get more people to follow you?

The four most common Gift Aid myths

Mention ‘Gift Aid’ to anyone in the charity sector and you’re guaranteed to elicit a response – it may involve eye-rolling, blank looks, or a knowing glance and a curt “we have it sussed” though. The truth is, as a sector, we don’t have it sussed at all. In fact, according to the Charities Aid Foundation, over £750 million of potential Gift Aid income goes unclaimed every year. So where are we going wrong? Gift Aid is meant to be simple – UK taxpaying donors tick a box and charities claim the basic tax rate for these donations back from…
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Conclusions of HMRC research into Gift Aid

In the 2014 Budget, the government announced their intention to encourage more donors to use Gift Aid. Now a new HMRC-backed report into Gift Aid reclamation has concluded that a lack of understanding of gift aid on the part of donors is the biggest stumbling block. Along with this, here are the main conclusions of the reports, which gave suggestions on what charities can do to increase the proportion of donations that Gift Aid is claimed on. Understanding of Gift Aid Donors who claimed Gift Aid broadly understood it as a scheme to increase the value of their donations to…
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Research shows charities aren’t maximising online fundraising

A new study has shown that charities could be doing a lot more to improve their online fundraising efforts. Research undertaken by Dunham and Company and Next After looked at the behaviour of 151 charities based on 46 different metrics. Among other things, it found that 65% of charities are hosting donation links 3+ clicks away from their homepage. As well as this, the study found that 84% of donation pages were not mobile-optimised. Brad Davies, Vice-President for Digital Services at Dunham and Company, stated that charities’ main failing was that they often ask supporters to make a one-off donation, become a…
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Charities are underusing online advertising – let’s fix that!

A recent study by nfpSynergy has shown that the charity sector is far less inclined to spend on online advertising than the private sector. UK charities currently only spend 2% of their advertising budgets on Internet advertising, compared to the rest of the advertising industry, which spends around 46% on such adverts. In fact, in each of the past 8 years, private companies have spent more and more on online advertising while cutting back their spend on print advertising, including direct mail and ads in printed media such as newspapers and magazines. This is very different to the charity sector, in…
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