U3A: signing up for tt-exchange

This article gives a brief overview to how the tt-exchange programme works, and explains how U3As can register to access IT donations.


The Salesforce Foundation and charities

The Salesforce.com Foundation works to leverage salesforce.com’s people, products and resources to help improve communities around the world. Through their ‘Power of Us‘ programme, charities can get access to Salesforce.com products and resources to help expand our collective impact. How can they help you? The Salesforce Foundation provides an initial 10-license donation and steep discounts on all future licenses and products to qualified not-for-profits. There are a growing number of products built on the Salesforce platform all of which include customer relationship management as well as a host of special features and functionality specifically tailored for not-for-profits. For more information…
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Why charities resist the cloud and why they shouldn’t

The growth of the use of cloud technology in business is nothing short of phenomenal. The reason for this is that it saves on time, cost and enables flexible working. Despite these benefits, I find that many charities are still resisting its adoption. At Tech Trust, we recently undertook a survey of 426 respondents and found that 58% of charities still don’t use the cloud – 65% of which are small charities. With the array of articles written about the benefits of the cloud, including this recent article from our own IT expert Andy Man, I wanted to know why, and…
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Connected technology and ‘the Internet of things’

Part 1: Wearable tech in the workplace It will come as no surprise to anyone who knows me that I have a ‘connected home’. I’m a gadget geek and am always on the lookout for new things to try out that might make my life easier. ‘The Internet of Things’ is a part of my daily life and means that from my iPhone or iPad, I can control everything from the temperature of the central heating to the movies I download, and from the TV shows I watch to the time our lights come on at home – whether I’m…
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A charitable approach to Bring Your Own Device

For many in the charity sector, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is an inevitable reality. Limited budgets mean that charities often struggle to regularly refresh their hardware; while at the same time, employees and volunteers are generally willing to use their own kit. These factors usually mean that banning BYOD is not a viable option for charities, which can leave them open and vulnerable to IT security risks. I know how helpful tablets can be in meetings and for working on the go, but I also know that the average charity can’t afford to provide all of their staff with…
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Is FluidSurveys right for you? | Tierney Smith, TechSoup Canada

There are many reasons why your charity might want to use a survey. You might want to get donor input, conduct research to inform your mission, or ask for feedback from volunteers or programme participants. At TechSoup Canada, we’ve used FluidSurveys for several years for various purposes. We’ve done post-event surveys, member satisfaction surveys and our worldwide cloud-computing survey for non-profits, to name a few. In this post I’ll share some of our thoughts on this tool and how you can make it work for you.   FluidSurveys – The Basics As you would expect from a survey tool, FluidSurveys…
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