Tips for creating a Christmas charity campaign on Twitter

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With Christmas edging that bit closer, now is a great time to get on top of composing a charity campaign to appeal to the giving spirit.

Twitter is a great way to get your content out there in a big way if you know how.

Beyond just frequent, relevant content, there are some extra things you can do!
Twitter tools - Moments

Twitter moments:

This is a new release to the general public! Getting to terms with it is a great way to keep your charity ahead of the curve.

It allows you to tell stories about your charity that help people get engaged with your goals. This makes it a useful tool for things like:

  • Crowd funding campaigns.
  • Showing what you have achieved in a set time.
  • Documenting events or the work of supporters.


Here’s how it’s done: 

  • Go to the Moments tab on your profile: select create a new moment
  • Establish a title (75 characters) and an overall description (250 characters): this will encourage viewers to take interest.
  • Search for tweets: from liked tweets or specific profiles that you feel help tell your story. Add these by selecting the check mark icon.
  • You can then order the tweets: keep your order logical and simple to follow by using the up and down arrows.
  • Create a cover photo or video for your moment: this will be the first thing people see so make sure it’s eye-catching.
  • Post your moment: you can do this by selecting the Publish button at the bottom of the page

Few charities are using moments, but take a look at charitycomms website for further info or take a look at the daily Twitter moments for ideas on your own.

Using media:

This one’s a little straighter forward. Though it seems like common sense a lot of charities overlook the use of images and videos in their content.

Tweets with images receive 18% more click throughs, 89% more likes, and 150% more retweets’, which should be proof in itself that images are worth it. 

Make sure it’s an image, GIF or video that is relevant or beneficial to the impact of your tweet.

The best way to get a hang of using images on Twitter is to take a look at how similar organisations are making the most of them, so here’s 3 organisations who are doing it very effectively already:


  • Amnesty International : Their consistent use of images ranges from infographics to photographs from protests and events or emotive images.
  • Dogs Trust: The use of videos is effective in developing a relationship with the viewer.
  • RSPB: This nature conservation charity uses images to show the successes and initiatives of its charity which encourages viewers to get involved too.


Media can therefore have numerous intentions, but the overarching goal is to expand reach and increase people’s interest in your cause.

Conversational ads:

Start a conversation
This is another tool that charities are yet to make full use of. In fact, it’s a pretty good one for large-scale fundraising campaigns.

It allows you to add a call to action to your tweet that gives up to 4 options to your followers: These different options give them pre-prepared tweets with potentially a unique hashtag and link that can then be personalised and posted as though they composed it themselves.

This feature means people who then read it are reading it from a trusted source they already follow, and so is a great way to expand your reach to hopefully new, like-minded people.

Once you’ve created a Twitter Ads account you can create a ‘Conversation Card’ easily by selecting each of these:


  1. The image or video in your Card
  2. The number of hashtags in your Card
  3. The Tweet copy that will be pre-populated in the Tweet when users interact with the Card
  4. A headline (appears above the hashtag) in a one-choice hashtag option
  5. A thank you text (appears after a user has Tweeted your message)


What is important to note is that although this doesn’t cost anything upfront, Twitter does charge for click-throughs to your website. So it’s important to weigh up if you think this could really help your organisation.

Hopefully this rundown has given you some fresh ideas if you’re planning a new campaign.

Remember, with social media you get what you put in, so if you think it could benefit your organisation, it’s definitely worth some investment.


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