5 of our favourite savings on tt-exchange

The TT-exchange IT donation programme was set up in 2008 to help charities that couldn’t afford expensive, although essential, software.

Charities today battle with the same budget constraints so we’re glad to still be of service. TT-exchange offers software to cater for every essential department, from admin and communication to design and ecommerce.

There are some stand out favourites on TT-exchange, all with our charities’ seal of approval:



Office Suite:

Two of the most popular products on TT-exchange are the Standard and Professional editions of Microsoft Office.

Both editions offer a broad variety of applications to cover your charity on the essentials, including Word and Excel. Skype for Business is another great addition to the Suite, with even more on offer with Professional Plus.

You can find both editions on the TT-exchange catalogue with 94% saving compared to market costs.

What our charities think:

Microsoft Office is the most-used productivity suite in the world, making it the easiest for new staff to adopt. Plus, both editions’ applications integrate seamlessly with a range of cloud-storage services, making it easy to work remotely.

The Dumfries and Galloway Family History Society are just one of many charities to benefit from the donation. They could upgrade to the latest version of Office suite on all their devices thanks to the donation programme, allowing them to all “sing off the same song sheet”.

Savings to date: Without a doubt our most popular choices on tt-exchange, we have saved charities over £64 million on the Standard and Professional Plus editions.

Adobe Acrobat:

Acrobat has many uses, particularly in carrying out essential administrative tasks such as creating and editing official documents. It’s a great tool for easy and secure collaboration.

Each licence allows for installation on a primary and secondary device, meaning that you can have it on a desktop and a portable device if needs be. Better yet, charities save over 85% against the fair market value through TT-exchange.

What our charities think:

St Clare Hospice

Many charities use PDF documents for both internal and external documentation as it provides a secure, trusted and controllable format that can be shared easily and viewed on a wide variety of devices.

St Clare Hospice work directly with the NHS so secure and traceable documents are essential for their service delivery. In addition, the ease of collaboration means they can have ongoing input on work done by their graphic designers for marketing materials.

Savings to date: Our savvy charities have saved over £1.5 million.



Bitdefender GravityZone Business Security:

Many charities deal with highly-sensitive data, making a top-class security system a definite priority. TT-exchange offers a variety of security offerings, including Symantec, Norton, and of course Bitdefender, all with a range of great benefits.

With Bitdefender Gravityzone, there are a range of options on offer depending on your charity’s size, each with a saving of roughly 86% available through TT-exchange. You can conveniently cover up to 10, 25 or 50 users with one product purchase.

Gravityzone’s behaviour-based protection ensures effective virus prevention while the control centre allows you to manage devices and define scanning options with ease. The easy-to-navigate control centre gives you full visibility of your charity’s security levels.

What our charities think:


Many organisations look for the highest level of security available, so prefer trusted brands like Bitdefender.

The Hull and East Riding branch of the RSPCA made the switch to Bitdefender in 2015 and have since been able to rely on their systems with much greater confidence:

“Without that donation, we’d have had to rely on free products, which we’ve done in the past but they don’t provide the full security we need.”

Savings to date: Over £150, 000 on Gravityzone alone.



Windows Server Datacentre edition:

Datacentre is a great option for growing organisations as it allows you to run multiple server roles from a single server. It’s also a cost-effective choice as it’s available to eligible charities for an admin fee that equates to roughly 6% of its fair market value.

Server management makes it easy to maintain and manage groups of servers collectively from a single console. It integrates with a variety of other services and offers remote access from any device, making the transition as seamless as possible for charities.

What our charities think:

Diverse Abilities

Charities operating 24/7 services across the UK, such as Diverse Abilities, require a server that can manage their demands without losing speed and efficiency.

IT administrator Mike Meaden was relieved they could rely on TT-exchange as they could “never afford a reliable IT system running standardised software” otherwise.

Savings to date: As a popular alternative to the standard edition, charities have saved well over £2 million.



Shopify is an ecommerce platform that can help charities provide products and services for fundraising, guidance or support. Shopify donations through TT-exchange makes it a plausible option for eligible charities by offering a saving of 96%.

Web design experience isn’t needed as there are more than 100 free and premium templates to choose from. The secure integration with a payment gateways means you can get started quickly and begin analysing your progress from the outset.

What our charities think:

Facial Palsy

Many charities rely on Shopify not solely for conventional ecommerce, but also for distributing resources and services with easy tracking.

Facial Palsy UK are an example of an organisation that used Shopify to easily share their free resources. They were keen to track how many people were downloading their resources. With the platform, they can track and update users when latest editions are released.

Savings to date: Shopify is coming close to saving charities £50,000 on their ecommerce platform.


To find out more about how these and other products have been put to use by charities, why not take a look at our case studies in detail?