LinkedIn for charities – insight from a Tech4Good Day

This article runs through Microsoft’s presentation on LinkedIn at their recent Tech4Good Day in London.

The presentation was led by Stelios Zarras, one of Microsoft UK’s senior marketing managers.

How social media has changed charities

Stelios began by explaining some of the reasons that social media has fundamentally changed the nature of doing good:

  • Improved reach
  • Comparatively lower cost, compared to TV / print ads
  • Quicker campaign launches
  • Easier for individuals to share
  • Better for engaging young people

LinkedIn 101

Stelios ran through some core tips to help charities begin to make the most of LinkedIn:

  1. Create a personal profile. Give as detailed an account of each criteria as possible. This will help you connect with others sharing similar interests or seeking your skillset.
  1. Build a Company Page. Charities can use a company page to highlight their mission and engage their supporters in activities. This page allows you to post updates to your followers, share news, find volunteers and keep in touch. Add a follow button to the page then encourage your supporters to follow and share your updates to help grow your following.
  1. Post status updates. Catchy posts with interesting content like links and images are key for increasing awareness of your cause. It’s best to post at peak activity times (between 7 and 9am, and 5 and 6pm) . Don’t forget to reciprocate by engaging with posts by those you’re following too.
  1. Recruit. use LinkedIn to help brand your organisation as an employer as well as a fundraiser. Post jobs or volunteering opportunities and show off what it’s like to work for you. Offer videos and employee testimonials on your ‘Career’ page. Use the ‘Recruiter’ feature to find candidates with the skills you need and contact them directly via InMail.
  1. Social Fundraising. Learn how your colleagues, volunteers, and board members are connected to potential sponsors, major donors and institutions. Then use the network’s insights to pinpoint the best introductions and most powerful relationships.

LinkedIn for charities

Stelios explained that 50% of the world’s ‘mass affluent’ people are on LinkedIn.

This has a huge immediate application in targeting donors, but can also help charities to look for LinkedIn profiles for potential volunteers and trustees.

LinkedIn can also be a great place to seek advice – not only from other charities, but from the experienced business professionals who saturate the platform.

More information about LinkedIn for charities and nonprofits can be found here.

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