Infographic – how to acquire and convert the most new leads possible

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Would you like to improve the success of your fundraising campaigns? Or would you like to build a community of supporters or beneficiaries (or both) that you can regularly contact through email?

Below is an infographic by Eliv8 that is jam-packed full of useful advice and references to tools that can help you do just that.

Admittedly the infographic was designed primarily for businesses, so the sales funnel/conversions talk isn’t really on point for charities. That said, most of the methods described are just as valid for the third sector and I hope that whatever your organisation does, it will provide some good food for thought!

A couple of small pointers:

1) Ignore point 10 – businesses don’t have access to YouTube for Nonprofits, which is free, and gives charities similar functionality anyway. Perhaps ignore points 19 and 21 too, depending on your cause.

2) Regarding point 11 – we use SumoMe, which has a really useful heat map on its free package. Regarding point 18 – we’ve used Optimizely, which you can do a lot with easily and for free too.


Acquiring new leads - infographic



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