4 stats about content and how to use them to your advantage

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Making sure your content is delivered in the most effective way ensures the maximum people possible engage with your cause.

A recently published BuzzSumo report offered insight into what these ‘most effective forms’ are across a number of industries.

Here are the most relevant bits for charities…


  • 8 seconds: how long you have to engage someone in your content

It’s important to engage people immediately and using image and video is a great way to do this.

Choose a visual medium that effectively conveys the subject of your content. If not, a pop culture or emotive image can also be an effective route.

Whether you go for compelling photographs or enlightening infographics, it has to get people to stay on your page.


  • 21%: the percentage of content shared on a Monday


Once you know when your audience most frequently view and share your content, you can start being more strategic in when you release it.

For the charity sector, and many others, Mondays are very popular.

Getting content ready for that time increases the chance it can spread through social media and other comms channels throughout the week.


  • 60%: percentage of shared content in the charity sector that is under 2,000 words

There have been a lot of studies into optimum length of content to maximise readability and shares.

Buzzsumo’s report identified that it varies from sector to sector. They reported that charities benefit most from content that’s generally no more than 2,000 words.

So try and steer clear of longer pieces as keeping your content concise is crucial to engage short attention spans.


  • 87.5%: percentage of shares on social media that Facebook is responsible for in the charity sector:

Facebook is the dominant social media channel for charities – far more so that Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat – so it’s good practice to produce content fit for its users.

Take a look at your Facebook analytics to consider specifically what that audience may want.


While it’s tough to stay ahead of the curve with marketing tools and strategies, fundamentally, people will always want content to meet their schedule and viewing habits.

Fingers crossed these small tips give a bit of food for thought for engaging with your own readers!



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