An overview of the 2017 Global NGO Online Technology Report

Background info:

Who’s written it?

The Public Interest Registry and Nonprofit Tech for Good.

How many NGO’s took part?

4908, though only around 150 from the UK.

When was it carried out?

Between August and October 2016

What was the goal?

To provide a set of benchmarks for the success in online tech for NGO’s.


Summary Points this year:

  • 67% now accept online donations in various forms (paypal, credit card etc).
  • 30% have an allocated communications staff member who is assigned responsibility for social media.
  • 32%have a written social media strategy.
  • 76% of Europe based NGO’s now have a mobile compatible website.


Changes from last year:

The good:

The percentage of European NGO’s…

  • With a website has increased by 3% to 98%
  • With a Facebook page has increased by 4% to 96%
  • With a YouTube account has increased by 8% to 68%
  • Who regularly send email updates has increased by 1% to 74%

The bad:

The percentage of European NGO’s…

  • That regularly publish a blog has decreased by 6% to 44%
  • That accept online donations has remained the same at 61%
  • With a twitter account has decreased by 3% to 82%
  • With a social media manager has decreased by 1% to 11%


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