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Office 365
for Nonprofits

We help Microsoft to serve donated and discounted versions of Office 365 to eligible organisations.

By doing this, we aim to help charities to take full advantage of the cloud by minimising costs.

Office 365 for Nonprofits

Following the changes to Microsoft’s donation programme that came into force on April 1st  2018, a number of software packages are no longer available as donated products for charities on tt-exchange. These include some versions of Microsoft Office.

Microsoft has two versions of the desktop productivity software available at volume licensing (for multiple users) – Office Standard and Office Professional Plus.

The two versions have both previously been available to charities as donated software, but Office Professional Plus is no longer available as donated software on tt-exchange. Instead, it is sold as a discounted through authorised Microsoft resellers.

Office Professional Plus is still available through Tech Trust, but as a discounted product instead of a donation, at a far higher price than previously, while Office Standard will continue to be available as a donation at its current price.

Under this new model, it may no longer be cost effective to carry on renewing your Microsoft Office Professional Plus license. If your charity is thinking of buying or renewing Microsoft Office, read on to find out what your options are.

What you get with both


Office Standard and Office Professional Plus have most of the same features and applications – both come with the fully-functioning desktop applications Word, Excel, OneNote, Outlook, PowerPoint, Publisher and Skype for Business.

All desktop applications in Office Standard and Office Professional Plus are the full-featured programs, which means each program comes fully equipped with the advanced features that are omitted in online-only versions of the software.

The core functionalities in both versions are also the same – both versions of Office are tightly integrated with Microsoft’s cloud storage applications including OneDrive, OneDrive for Business and SharePoint, so you can access your files across devices from the cloud.


What you get with Office Professional Plus


The only difference with Office Professional Plus is that it comes with one extra application – Microsoft Access, a database management application which works as a front end to databases such as Microsoft SQL Server.

This also includes some enhanced functionality around data management so that Access data can be linked to external sources and integrated with SharePoint Server.


The price breakdown


Product Price
Microsoft Office Standard £22
Microsoft Access £30
Microsoft Professional Plus £163


Although still a roughly 26% discount from the retail price, Office Professional Plus is now considerably more expensive than when it was available as a donation – Charities can now purchase Office Professional Plus through Microsoft’s discounted software programme at a price of £163, compared to the previous donated price of £30.

Office Standard is still available as a donation on the tt-exchange platform for just £22.

The only difference between the two is that Office Professional Plus comes with Access. Instead of paying more for Office Professional Plus just to get Access, charities can get donated versions of Office Standard for just £22 and then get Microsoft Access as a standalone product for £30, totalling just £55.

For that reason, it’s far more cost effective to go for the two donated products, than to take the discounted option.

Additionally, if you are already registered on the tt-exchange platform there are no extra steps to go through to get a new license, and all your donated software can be obtained from one place – simply make your donation request as usual.


Office 365

Alternatively to the above, organisations can get Office applications as part of a subscription to Office 365 – Microsoft’s cloud productivity suite.

Office 365 Business Premium, E3 and E5 versions of the suite come with both full desktop versions of Office applications, and browser-based lightweight versions for quick document editing and storing in the cloud. Access is included with Business Premium, E3 and E5 versions.

Or if your document needs are very light you may wish to move to Office entirely in the cloud. Online-only versions of Office applications with basic functionality come with the basic, free version of Office 365 (E1 or Nonprofit Business Essentials).

Office 365’s paid-for versions are available at a discount for charities on Microsoft’s website.

Other alternatives include G Suite, which comes with Google’s own in-browser versions of the main Microsoft Office applications.

Is my organisation eligible?

Microsoft strives to make its software donation programme as accessible as possible to charitable organisations around the world. Globally, they give away more than $2 million worth of software to nonprofits every day.

You must be a UK-registered charity in order to be eligible for Microsoft Nonprofit programmes, and meet two other eligibility criteria:

Eligibility - tick

Benefits of Office 365

There’s a lot you can do with Office 365; here are some of its key benefits:


  • Office Web Apps. With Office Web Apps, you can open, view and edit documents right from your browser on your home computer. With each Office 365 E3 subscription, your staff can install the latest version of Office Professional Plus on 5 different devices.
  • Hosted Email. With Microsoft Exchange Online, you can access your email, shared calendars and contacts from your PC, Mac, Smartphone or tablet without having to set up a VPN or remote access to your office. Office 365 provides users with 50GB of mailbox storage with attachments up to 25MB each.
  • Document sharing. Easily share documents with your colleagues with SharePoint Online, which is like an online document repository in the cloud. You can even edit documents simultaneously with others, saving you precious time.
  • High-definition collaboration. Skype for Business is an all-in-one tool for video calls, web conferencing, instant messaging, and voice calls. With high-definition (HD) video conferencing, you can meet and collaborate with out-of-office staff and volunteers. Skype for Business includes a real-time note-taking feature so you can keep track of ideas and notes from your meetings.
  • Security and privacy. Along with built-in spam and malware protection for email, Office 365 also lets you add security to mobile devices. Your IT staff can manage and customise your organisation’s security options in a single console (a web-based admin centre). If your organisation deals with sensitive information, your data will be protected in the cloud. Office 365 is compliant with industry standards including HIPAA, FISMA, BAA, and others.
  • 24/7 Support. Microsoft will provide 24/7 professional-level support no matter which plan you are on.

Choosing the right plan

Charities vary in staffing and technical needs, so there isn’t a ‘one-size-fits-all’ Office 365 plan. Instead, there are two free donated plans and two discounted plans:

Free offerings for charities

  • Office 365 Nonprofit E1 (unlimited users)
  • Office 365 Nonprofit Business Essentials (maximum 300 users)*

Discounted offerings for charities

  • Office 365 Nonprofit Business Premium (maximum 300 users; includes the latest version of Office Desktop on 5 devices)
  • Office 365 Nonprofit E3 (unlimited users; includes the latest version of Office Desktop on 5 devices)

*With Office 365 Nonprofit Business Essentials you cannot upgrade to the Enterprise plan (E1 & E3).

The free offerings don’t include the full installed version of Office (which includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.). To supplement these free Office 365 plans, eligible charities can request donations of the latest version of Microsoft Office through tt-exchange.

You can see more information on Microsoft Office Standard donations here and more on Microsoft Office Professional Plus donations here.

Alternatively, eligible organisations can upgrade to the discounted paid plans, which offer the desktop Office apps. With these plans, your staff can use Office apps on up to five devices per user.


To see up-to-date pricing and a full feature comparison of Office 365 plans for charities, just click the button below:

Migration and maintenance

For organisations without IT staff, the Office 365 admin portal lets accidental techies configure settings and customise services according to their staff’s needs. Visit for detailed Office 365 migration support.

Tech Impact are also offering a variety of DIY migration workshops specifically for charities through our own tt-exchange donation programme. Click here to find out more information on the different options available.

How to get Office 365

There are two ways for charities to get Office 365:

1. Self-serve

1. Get your eligibility checked by registering for tt-exchange (which is free)

2. (We’ll process your registration within five working days)

3. Access your personal validation token in your tt-exchange account

4. Use your token to sign in on Microsoft’s website and download your licence


2. Let us do it for you

Tech Trust can find out the mix of Microsoft licences (both on-premises and cloud-based) that are best suited to your charity, and set the whole thing up. All you’d need to do is request a time for us to ring, and we’ll take care of the rest!


Office 365 for Nonprofits and Tech Trust

You can find out more about our Microsoft Cloud Manager service, which takes the hassle out of migrating to the cloud, here: