5 examples of charities making great use of digital tools

For many charities the world of digital can seem a little overwhelming.

In any case it’s good to keep an eye on the top dogs for some digital inspiration, or just to keep in the charity loop.

5 crucial ways your charity can be better with data

Many charities have overwhelming amounts of data, whether it be from donors or clients.

Make sure you’re getting the most out of the information you have by going through these starter tips.

An insight into a Microsoft Tech4Good Day – Part 1

Microsoft Tech4good events provide a great opportunity for charities to network and find out about all that Microsoft has to offer.

If you weren’t able to make the last one, don’t worry, we’ve rounded up all the topics discussed and will be sharing them all with you.

How LinkedIn can benefit your charity

LinkedIn is an ever-growing network of business-minded people from millennials to generation X. With over 467 million users (as of 2017) it’s not a resource charities should be ignoring.

In this article we run down some of the reasons LinkedIn could be of use to you and why there’s no better time to get involved if you aren’t already!

4 ways to build trust in your charity online

Every now & then charities are under fire for their spending, with people unsure where the money really goes.

You can ensure you keep peoples trust with some quick and simple methods that show you’re accessible and honest, and therefore worth donating to!

The best tools to help your charities internal communications

Often times charities have employees and volunteers working remotely or part-time which means communicating effectively through digital is very important.

We’ve rounded up some of the best tools (in our humble opinion) for communicating and collaborating with ease, and on a budget.