How to measure and improve your charity’s digital maturity

As a general rule, charities get a pretty bad rep for their digital presence, but this certainly doesn’t apply to every organisation!

Knowing where you place on the digital maturity scale is a great step if you’re looking to get more digitally involved.

This article explores the sort of criteria that defines digital maturity and different ways you can address it.

The benefits of webinars and how to get started

Webinars are growing in popularity in the business marketing world. It’s now starting to take-off in the charity sector as people realise it’s a great way to share knowledge and communicate your organisations goals.

This article runs through some of the ways a webinar might be useful for you and what to consider if you chose to conduct one. That way you can make an informed decision before you invest the time.

How to create a top e-newsletter

Newsletters are a useful way to keep your subscribers up to date.

There are some key things you can do each step of the way to ensure your content gets read, and most importantly, that people get engaged by it!

3 ways email marketing software can save you time and effort

Following on from our article ‘A simple introduction to email marketing software’, we’re now running down some of the useful tools available that allow you to focus on what’s important to your organisation.

What your charity can learn from the 2016 Lloyds Digital Index

Lloyds recently released a roundup of charities and small businesses digital maturity.

We’ve taken some of the most important bits and given some ways that charities can continue to grow and improve digitally.

4 stats about content and how to use them to your advantage

Your content is basically all the interesting stuff you want someone to know about your charity.

Making sure it’s delivered in the optimal way for your readers will help them engage with your cause!

This article explores some of the statistics behind the importance of good content marketing and how your organisation can make the most of these.