GoDaddy now donate domains and web services for UK charities

GoDaddy are now donating a bundle of online tools to UK charities, which includes domain registration, and 1-year subscriptions to their Website Builder and Search Engine Visibility services.

“GoDaddy is one of the foremost domain registrars in the world, and the fact that they provide such an easy-to-manage, scalable option makes it a great choice for most small-medium charities.”

The value of data in fundraising

Data is an important part of the future of digital fundraising and charities need to change their culture if they don’t want to be left behind.

The biggest obstacle we hear from organisations is that it’ll take up too much time, or it will cost too much.

It may seem daunting at first, so we’ve broken down the process into the four stages.

What’s new / different in Adobe Creative Cloud

Some of the benefits of Adobe Creative Cloud compared to the Creative Suite, written especially with charities in mind.

It contains a couple of links to really useful resources for Adobe design software, which should help you design visual media to benefit your organisation.

Cloud collaboration for charities – is your best option? provides organisations with Box’s file-sharing, content management and cloud collaboration service.

They’re signed up to our tt-exchange donation programme to provide access to UK charities that might not otherwise be able to access the software.

This article runs through some of the features, and explains some of the options available to charities.

New to tt-exchange: access to Adobe Creative Cloud discounts

From today, eligible UK charities can access special discounts on two different versions of Adobe Creative Cloud.

Through our tt-exchange programme, eligible charities could already access donated licences of Adobe Acrobat Pro and Photoshop Elements 13 and Premiere Elements 13 , but the new discounted plans will make a much wider range of creative software affordable for more charitable organisations.

Why website analytics is important for charities

We might take for granted that everyone knows why website analytics are important for charities – and if we do, we are sorry.

Most of us in the charity sector are stretched for time, and navigating the realm of Google Analytics data on your website might not seem like the best use of the time you do have working for your charity.

To bring everyone up to speed on the different ways that website analytics really can make an important difference to your charity, here’s a video from Grow Your Charity Online.