An overview of the 2017 Global NGO Online Technology Report

Tech for Good and the Public Interest Registry have teamed up to bring you some of the most useful relevant stats regarding charities’ presence in the digital world.

To save you working through the whole thing, we’ve rounded the key numbers and changes since last year for you!

Easy wins for your email marketing strategy

You’d be surprised what a big difference small changes can make to your email marketing.

This article runs through quick and easy tips to get your subscribers more interested in your e-mail content.

Creating mobile-friendly emails

Emails that don’t load properly or that are difficult to read on mobile devices are generally completely ignored by recipients, which translates to wasted time and resources and can make brands look hopelessly out of date.

These issues are a reality for everyone from large corporations to small charities. Thankfully, it can be easily remedied – even on a tight budget. has joined the tt-exchange programme

Box allows users to access, share and collaborate on sensitive work in the cloud from any device. This means that staff, trustees, volunteers, aid workers and other partners can communicate and access required files from wherever they are in the world.

They have joined the tt-exchange programme, and are now offering donations of 10 perpetual licences to UK charities.