Tech Trust – A brief history of our 16 years supporting charities

Tech Trust was established 16 years ago to explore ways charities could embrace technology and the internet for social good.

We believe that by being the best, most trusted source for UK charities to gain insight into, education on and access to digital solutions, we can really accelerate charitable impact in the years to come.

5 of our favourite savings on tt-exchange

Sometimes it’s hard to believe something as useful as tt-exchange.

That’s right, it’s not too good to be true! So we thought we’d let you in on what some of our registered charities think.

A guide to Microsoft server licensing for charities

Understanding Microsoft server licensing can be tricky. Each Microsoft server product follows one of four basic licensing models, which you need to know before you start.

To help you make the right choices when you plan your own server implementation, here’s a brief overview of the four server licensing models (and a couple of extra, useful tidbits).

Making sense of software licensing

Take the complexity of technology and stir in the complexity of the legal system and what do you get? Software licenses! If you’ve ever attempted to read one you’ll know how true this is. Unfortunately, you do have to know a little about software licensing even if you can’t make sense of all of the fine print. A software license is an agreement between you and the owner of a program that lets you perform certain activities which would otherwise constitute an infringement under copyright law. The software license usually answers questions such as: Where and how and how often can you…
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