How a small Scottish charity is using “Rolls-Royce software”

The Dumfries and Galloway Family History Society is a charity that promotes the study of family history across three counties in Southwest Scotland. Due to the nature of modern research, having computers available for researchers is essential.

“Having been able to upgrade all our computers means that we’re all singing off the same songsheet, whether we are here or working outside or at home – there are no issues with file conversions, etc.”

Success Story: covering the hardest costs to fund with IT

“We need up-to-date software to avoid compatibility issues. We have to operate in the real world and we have people charging around with laptops everywhere; we simply must have decent security.”

“This is all core software: there’s nothing sexy about it, and that’s the virtue of the donation scheme. It helps us with our basic operating costs, and these are often the hardest costs to fund. It’s been hugely valuable to us.”

Important update on tt-exchange: pricing change

At the close of business on Friday 17th July 2015 (this Friday), the admin fees for several tt-exchange products will increase.

We’re really grateful that you support the software donation programme through the fees you pay and are sorry to have to increase the administrative fees at all. We wouldn’t have done so unless it was completely necessary to keep it going.


Photoshop: enabling professional in-house design

Cardboard Citizens is a charity providing a creative hub for excluded people. They run tours around the whole of the UK, with performances in theatres, hostels, day centres and prisons.

One of the many challenges involved in such an undertaking is to produce professional marketing and publicity materials on a fraction of the budget that might be available in the commercial sector.

Shopify has joined the tt-exchange programme

Eligible charities registered with the tt-exchange programme can now receive a year’s free access to the Shopify platform.

UK charities will now be able to set up and run their own online shops through donated one-year subscriptions with a saving of nearly 95% off the standard annual fee.

Securing Britain’s animal welfare champions with Bitdefender

The Hull and East Riding branch of the RSPCA has recently undertaken a complete overhaul of their internal IT systems thanks to donations arranged through the tt-exchange programme.

“The centre deals with rehabilitation and rehoming,” explains Alison Ripley, the branch’s General Manager. “We see cruelty, neglect and abandonment, but we try hard to play a preventative role rather than simply coming in after the event.”