New to tt-exchange: Skype Credit Vouchers (limited time)

— Please note: Skype credit vouchers will only be available through tt-exchange until 11 May 2015 — Eligible organisations in the United Kingdom can now request ten donations of $20 credit vouchers for Microsoft’s Skype. For those unfamiliar with Skype, it provides voice calling, video calling, instant messaging and more, allowing users to communicate with other Skype users and with mobile phones and landlines. How can my organisation benefit? You can use Skype Credit to save your organisation money on domestic and international calls, access the Internet while traveling by connecting to Wi-Fi hotspots and more. See a full list…
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Success Story: Mediation Northern Ireland

30 years ago, a small group of volunteers decided that they could contribute to the peace process in Northern Ireland in a very specific way after attending a ‘Mediation in Conflict’ workshop. From this background, the charity Mediation Northern Ireland grew, and has since built a notable reputation both at home and further afield (the Dalai Lama even opened their new headquarters in 2005). They are now highly involved in political and community issues, and make a strong contribution to civic society. “Our role has changed as the [peace] process has progressed, but there are always pressing issues to confront,” says…
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Success Story: Windmill Hill City Farm

By his own admission, Steve Sayers struck lucky when he tracked down an IT systems analyst willing to spend a few days on a voluntary basis looking at his charity’s infrastructure. Steve is Chief Executive of Bristol’s Windmill Hill City Farm, a well-established facility in the south of the city. A visitor attraction, café and community centre that operates a day-care nursery, the charity also runs a variety of health and social care projects. “We’re a very local organisation,” he says. “The heart of it is about being embedded in the local community. We’re in a region that’s a mix…
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U3A: signing up for tt-exchange

This article gives a brief overview to how the tt-exchange programme works, and explains how U3As can register to access IT donations.


IT Security for charities: a problem in the spotlight | Bitdefender

Most charities operate with a sense of optimism and faith in humankind that allows them to do incredible work in their fields. They strive tirelessly to raise funds for their cause and advocate change with passion. Despite this important work, humanitarian vision and financing of charities, they are often left vulnerable to attacks from a cyber-underworld that has no compunction about stealing pension money from little old ladies or taking food from the mouths of babes. As an online threat researcher, I have witnessed too many attacks on charity websites that could severely set back their goals and tarnish the…
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