How your charity can get the most out of Eventbrite

Whether your an organisation that would like to or already do run a number of events, Eventbrite is a brilliant product for making this easy to do.

The Adobe CC features your charity can benefit most from – web design

This is the second of our articles running through the most useful features available to charities as part of the discounted Adobe Creative Cloud ‘all-apps’ plan.

This time, we’re running through 3 of Adobe’s most useful products for web design – Photoshop, Spark and Dreamweaver.

The Adobe CC features your charity can benefit most from – Premiere Pro and Audition

Adobe offer 60% discounts to the full range of Adobe CC through the tt-exchange donation programme in the UK.

There are so many design products available in the package, that it can be hard to pinpoint the bits that help the most. With that in mind, we’re running through some of the more useful ones for charities, starting with Premiere Pro and Audition.

How your charity could benefit from CRM software

Customer relationship management software, it doesn’t sound riveting does it?

But it can make a huge difference, and not just in business but in the charity sector too.

Having clear and easy access to all your data has so many positives, it’s just about knowing what software or programme is right for you…

The Cloud and You… | Phoenix Software

Whether the ‘Cloud’ is alien, exciting or familiar to you, it’s here to stay and here to help. The Cloud can enable enhanced facilities for storage, development, sharing, communicating and collaborating – as well as simply improving the ways in which you can access and utilise your day-to-day office applications. The Cloud can take many forms. It can be an all-in-one product such as Microsoft’s Office 365 or individual solutions targeted to meet the specific needs of your organisation. These can range from simple hosting of email or file storage through to layered, unified communications and enterprise-level social networking. In…
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Software Purchases: how resellers can help unlock the long-term value | SoftwareONE UK

Buying software can be a tricky business. There’s the initial cost of the software itself, then the calculation of just how many licences are really needed, followed by the awkward moment when the licences expire and a decision about renewal needs to be taken. For charities, who are under extreme pressure to keep spend to a minimum, and for whom IT is likely to be a necessary but tiresome part of business, it seems natural to assume that buying directly from a software publisher will be the cheapest option. The problem with this approach is that it ignores many of…
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