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Sorry – we realise this is a boring article, but it might just be quite important for your charity!…

Some tt-exchange donor partners set maximum limits on the number of licences that charities can request each year.

The ones that are based in the US tend to work this out against their financial year, which ends on the 30th June / begins on 1st July (i.e. very soon!).

That means it’s well worth thinking about what your organisation might need in the coming year and taking a quick look at what’s available to you.

Why it matters

As an example, the maximum entitlement for Adobe products is set at 4 licences per year (from 1st July annually). That means that if you need 3 Acrobat Pro XI licences and 2 Photoshop / Premiere Elements licences in the next year, you’d have to take at least one product this June and then the rest after your entitlement is reset.

If you wait until July, you’ll only be entitled to 4 licences maximum, and therefore won’t be able to get everything you need through tt-exchange.


Several of our partners use the US financial new year as their reset point:

Adobe thumbnail


If eligible, you can request up to 4 donated products per (US) fiscal year.

View Adobe products.

Autodesk thumbnail


Organisations can request 2 donations each (US) fiscal year.

View Autodesk products.

Bitdefender thumbnail


Eligible organisations can request up to 50 user licenses.

View Bitdefender products.

Symantec thumbnail

Symantec (desktop products)

You can request 1 Symantec Norton security product — either Norton Small Business or Norton Security — and up to 20 licenses for Norton Utilities.

View Symantec Desktop products.

Symantec thumbnail

Symantec (enterprise products)

Up to 2 separate Symantec Enterprise products may be requested. You can take up to 100 licenses for each product that is licensed per endpoint or user.

View Symantec Enterprise products.

Tableau thumbnail


Organisations can request up to 5 products per fiscal year.

View Tableau products.

If you can’t remember how many licences you’ve taken since 1st July 2015, don’t worry! You can have a check to see what you’ve received by logging in and clicking on My Account, where your full order history is listed.

It’s worth pointing out that eligibility criteria apply for all of our partners on tt-exchange. You’ll be able to see what products you’re eligible once you’re logged into the platform though.



I hope that’s useful! 😃



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