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We’ve partnered with payment service experts FTT Global to offer a secure, simple, fast and cost-effective way for your charity to transfer money and make overseas payments.

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No bank fees

You can save huge amounts of money by using tt-forex instead of a bank for foreign currency transactions. Avoid the typical 2-4% charges added by banks!

No hidden costs

We keep everything transparent - there are no charges for transfers over £3000 and only £10 for smaller amounts. We make sure that there are no hidden fees and you can secure live exchange rates before you book so there are no surprises.

Why choose tt-forex?

If you’re sending or making a foreign currency payment and you use your bank you are probably spending more money than you need to and have less control than you should.

With tt-forex, you can book a payment online in seconds and get an exchange rate before you commit, ensuring you are spending less and staying in control.

Simple, speedy and secure

You can access tt-forex anytime, anywhere, on any device. You maintain complete control – check your transactions online at anytime and receive regular emails to keep you up to date on your bookings.


Live FX rates

Live, competitive exchange rates

Only our unique rate checker gives you a real exchange rate for each currency based on the current market rate. Enjoy the confidence and peace of mind of knowing you have secured a competitive, guaranteed exchange rate before you book.

Transparent and helpful

We guarantee the same competitive rates to both new and repeat customers. And FTT Global’s dedicated UK-based team offer friendly and helpful support 24/7.

All about security

When you choose tt-forex, you can be assured that your money will be safe and secure every step of the way. Our partners FTT Global are a global payments company with a high level of expertise in international payments and foreign exchange.

FTT Global are registered for Client Data Protection, and are fully regulated as an Authorised Payment Institution to the highest standard available. FTT Global are registered in the UK (Company number 5685288) and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) (Registration Number 503228).

Secure customer accounts

Your money is held in ‘Client Segregated Accounts’ at Barclays Bank PLC. Your money is held separately from day-to-day operational accounts ensuring that all funds legally remain yours.


Insurance protection

Every single client transaction is insured for up to £1 million, and underwritten by a Triple-A rated Insurer.


Secure technology

FTT Global use the most sophisticated levels of protection available in the market today to validate and release payments – Gem SAFE, 128 Bit Encryption, 3-Level Authentication – the global standard for all major banks.


Secure processes

You keep complete control of how, to whom and when payments are set up. Only you can instruct where and to who payments are sent. We automatically email you to confirm payment details and to confirm when payments have been sent.

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Please note that additional identification may be required prior to making a payment

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