Why website analytics is important for charities

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We might take for granted that everyone knows why website analytics are important for charities – and if we do, we are sorry.

Most of us in the charity sector are stretched for time, and navigating the realm of Google Analytics data on your website might not seem like the best use of the time you do have working for your charity.

In truth, web stats only really come into their own when you have a decent number of users already – otherwise you’ll find yourself trying to spot trends in user behaviour where there simply are none. But let’s assume you’re attracting a reasonable number of visitors to your site. How can Google Analytics actually make life easier for you? How can it make life easier for those users? How can it help you raise more money for your cause, and attract even more visitors to your site?

Below is a video from Grow Your Charity Online (an initiative run by us at Tech Trust, Google and Media Trust aiming to help charities make use of free online tools). It explains the different ways that website analytics really can make an important difference to your charity.

Don’t have time to watch the whole video? You can see the slide deck by clicking here.





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