Why do digital product offerings go ‘out of stock’ on tt-exchange?


Every now and then, you may notice that a product on tt-exchange goes ‘out of stock’. It may seem a little confusing because most of our products are available digitally. Here’s a closer look at why this can happen.


The guidelines

Firstly, it’s important to note that each of our donor partners have different guidelines for offering their products to charities. These guidelines generally cover:

  • What types of charities they offer their products to (eligibility)
  • How those products are accessed

The most common reason that a product is ‘out of stock’ is because some partners only offer a limited allocation of licenses or products to be donated to charities worldwide.

For example, the Cisco donations program may ‘close’ when the allocation is reached and reopen at the beginning of a new quarter. Likewise, the donated products from Adobe may become ‘out of stock’ when the allocation is reached.

There may also be times when a product is being phased out and a new item coming in to replace it.


Stay up to date with what’s in stock

The next question is, “How will I know when the products come back in stock?”

If there’s a product that’s unavailable, you can always get in touch by emailing customerservice@tech-trust.org. Our support team will be able to make a note of your details and get in touch once we hear that there is more stock available.

To give you a shortcut, you can also register your email address on the righthand side of the specific product page; an option that will be available when a product is out of stock.

It also helps to be subscribed to the Tech Trust newsletter. The fortnightly email informs charities of the latest and most popular software available on tt-exchange.